A cyber attack on one of our upstream carriers is ongoing since 0815 this morning. You may experience calls not coming in or dropping on inbound calls. We have been told they have a workaround they're working on that soon should fix your numbers. 

Our servers are up and operating correctly, check back for the status of this cyber attack...


The cyberattack or DDoS attack on our third-party upstream provider is still ongoing. We have moved our DID's or phone numbers that we had on that carrier to a new provider. That has solved the few issues we had with connection on our end. HOWEVER, millions of other businesses use this provider. So when they call you, the call could still be weird. The trouble we're seeing... Lost calls, phantom ringing, calls with no ringing, unable to connect. We are hopeful that the provider can redirect the attack. For info on them visit here: https://status.bandwidth.com/

We strive to partner with top-tier providers in hopes things like this are at a very low chance of happening. This attack is one of the largest ever seen. In hopes of extortion or disruption on US telecom, these hackers have spent the last two weeks crippling UK and Canada telecom providers as well. Now we wait for the fix.


It seems that Bandwidth has mitigated the DDoS Attack on its network. All calls and traffic are moving as intended. If you have any issues please reach out to us. 

If you're are having trouble and want some feedback on any issue please open a ticket!

Please check our status page for current information regarding our servers.


If our servers are up and you're experiencing issues please open a support ticket and we will happily give you hand!